The Gold Coast Aikido Community performs martial arts training in Tweed Heads. Our Club follows the Goshinkai Aikido curriculum taught by world renowned Michael Williams Sensei.

Aikido community has followed on as a non profit organisation from the Discover Aikido Club with the blessing of Sensei Robert Liedke, who retired. We perform martial arts training in Tweed Heads under the name of Aikido Community with many of the previous Discover Aikido members attending and helping to run the club.

Head of Goshinkai Style:
Michael Williams (10th Dan), from the Byron Bay Aikido club.

Aikido Goshinkai Vision Statement.

This Vision Statement represents the shared aspirations of individual members of Aikido Goshinkai.

As an organisation we endeavour to promote the vision of Master Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido and Master Michael Paul Williams, the Founder of Aikido Goshinkai.

A vision begins with intuition and dreaming, a cohesive image of an ideal to strive for. Ueshiba Sensei’s vision resulted in the creation of Aikido as a path to universal harmony and world peace.

Aikido Goshinkai is an organisation formed to provide a network of support and resource information for Williams Sensei’s teachings. Aikido Goshinkai instructors strive to provide a safe, dynamic and supportive training environment based on tolerance, ethical values and universal principles to all who enter our dojos. Through Aikido practice and understanding the potency of developing a positive mind, Aikido Goshinkai members make every effort to express this vision in word and deed.

Like ripples generated by a pebble tossed into a pond, it is sincerely hoped that through dedicated and interactive Aikido training, this shared vision of Aikido Goshinkai members will spread like ripples throughout our relationships and the greater community. By the creative and peaceful resolution of conflict in our daily lives, we strive to foster greater harmony within ourselves, with others, the environment and the world.

Aikido Community
Aikido Tweed CommunityWe are a non profit organisation focused on providing martial arts training in AIkido for the Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions. Our community incorporated number is INC1400019 our charitable fundraising number is CFN/23173. Our community is operated by volunteers that manage club administration.

In order to train with us all participants must pay a small fee to become a member of the Aikido Community. Member input towards the running of the club is greatly appreciated.

Aikido is a highly refined Japanese martial art, developed last century as a means of self-defence and spiritual training. Aikido develops coordination of mind, body and spirit. Through its philosophy and techniques, Aikido brings us into harmony with our environment, other people and ourselves. Unlike many martial arts, Aikido requires no advantage in strength or speed, and is practiced successfully by people of all ages and abilities. Aikido practice develops flexibility, coordination, concentration, improved health and fitness, effective communication skills and self-esteem. Read more

Aikido Tweed Heads

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