Aikido Community Club is present today due to the roots and backbone established by the initial efforts of Discover Aikido, ­ Bob Liedke Sensei, Sandie Liedke, Mark Albrecht Sensei, Lisa Albrecht and Master Michael Williams.

Our Aikido Community Club was formed out of a collection of the willing from the old Discover Aikido club members.

Some of the efforts to be recognised – ­


Sensei Bob Liedke ­- for enlightening us to our Aikido path and for giving his blessing on the start of the new club.

Master Michael Williams ­- for enlightening Sensei Bob Liedke to the Aikido path.
For giving his blessing on the start of the new Aikido Community club.
Appointing Sensei Mark Albrecht to Dojo Cho (Head of a training hall).
For approaching other Sensei to help support the club in the Sensei Team.
Giving of Aikido Community financial support via mini seminar.
Raising support within the wider Aikido community.
For founding Goshinkai Aikido and so much more behind the scenes.

Sensei Elisabeth Andel ­- giving her support in so many ways behind the scenes as well as being our first instructor on opening night and Lead Sensei team member.
Raising support with the wider community.
Helping Sensei Michael Williams founding of Goshinkai Aikido and such much more behind the scenes with Goshinkai Aikido.

Sensei Mark Evans – being one of our Sensei team members and behind the scenes support.

Sensei Mark Albrecht – being one of our Sensei team members and taking on the Dojo Cho (Head of a training hall) Sensei role.

Bruce Watson – ­who continued to contact all members and Aikido wider community until a consensus was formed.

The Founding Members ­Julia Chick, Jan Hobson, Bruce Watson, Benjamin Chambers, Ian Edwards, Dean Scott and Mark Albrecht – these members all worked together to submit foundation paperwork, funded the start of this club and supported the members to start the club.

The First Committee Members ­Julia Chick (President), Jan Hobson (Treasurer), Bruce Watson (Vice President), Benjamin Chambers (Started Term as Secretary), Richard Sweetnam (Finish term as Secretary), Ian Edwards (Member), Dean Scott (Member) and Mark Albrecht Sensei (Special voting invite to help with start­up issues)  most of the heavy decision making and club formation of policies and procedures have been managed by these members.

Jan Hobson ­- special fund raising via applying for Grants and setting up the structure to support applying for grants.

The Albrecht Family ­- supplying the Mats for the club use.

Byron Bay Aikido Club­ – leading of vital equipment to help the club get started and behind the scenes support.

­Sensei Steve Mitchell – inter club visits and behind the scenes support.


There are many people involved and as a clock all pieces are needed to form a functional clock.

Many thanks to all these people..


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