Aikido Community – COVID-19 policy and process 19-8-2020


Before coming to class –

  1. please do not come to class if you are at all unwell and please get tested if you have any symptoms (see and for symptoms).
  2. anyone returning from travels where there is Government recognized hotspot needs to follow government guidelines as well as our club’s policy that members or visitors are to not attend class for at least two weeks.
  3. please use bank transfer where possible instead of cash for payments for classes.

Before starting class –

  1. in case contact tracing is needed as per normal process, everyone must sign in before attending class. This includes visitors watching the class.  The Sports Club also requires you to sign in and out as well each visit at the front counter.
  2. class sizes cannot be more than 20 including students and instructors.
  3. everyone needs to wash their hands and forearms for 30 seconds before changing into their cleanly washed Gi.
  4. a non-contact infrared Thermometer will be available to be used to check your temperature before coming on the mat. If you have a high temperature that is unexplained it is not advisable to train under normal circumstances little alone with a pandemic in progress.

During class –

  1. try to maintain social distance where possible.
  2. try to keep the space naturally ventilated by opening the windows and doors.
  3. it is optional to wear a face mask during class. Face masks have been tested and have been found to be restrictive and deemed to be possibly a larger health risk wearing during strenuous exercise. 
  4. everyone is to try not to touch their own face with their hands or anyone else’s face. If you do touch your own face, then use the provided hands sanitiser or wash your hands afterwards before continuing the class.
  5. if you need to cough or sneeze while on the mat you must try to leave the space as best you can (normal etiquette of bowing when leaving does not apply in this circumstance). Please use normal hygiene of capturing as best you can any airborne contaminants during coughing or sneezing by using a Tenugui (small cloth used for soaking up sweat) or handkerchief carried inside your Gi and then washing your hands or using hand sanitiser afterwards.  As we touch others Gi the use of your elbow sleeve to cough or sneeze into is only recommended as a last resort.
  6. any weapons or shared surfaces need to cleaned with the disinfectant wipes provided before and after use.