Head Dojo Instructor –markAlbrecht

Beginner’s Mind

When a student is shown and explained the fullness of Aikido; their path appears,
When a student has beginner’s mind; their path is a wonderland,
When a student contemplates and adopts the insights of their Sensei; their path becomes productive,
When a student practices good principles; their path becomes rewarding,
When a student practices good unified art; their path becomes uplifting,
When a student truly contemplates and becomes one with Aikido; their path becomes a path to enlightenment.

by Mark Albrecht Sensei

I studied Judo for 2 years when I was a young boy, Karate for 8 years in large part with James Chong Sensei  and Ju Jitsu with Ron Bartley Sensei and Bob Liedke Sensei for 5 years. In 2008 I started training in Aikido and knew this was the path for me.  Since starting to study Aikido I have been long term student of Michael Williams Sensei, Elisabeth Andel Sensei, Mark Evans Sensei, Bob Liedke Sensei and Travis Liedke Sensei.  See also the Club History for further information.

I am so pleased to be able to help share this wonderful art with our students.

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