Positive result from bullying attempt

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Our intrepid reporter has a fresh breaking news story:

Names and school are withheld in order to protect the privacy of both parties as both are minors.

One of our students was involved in a situation at a local school where he was the victim of bullying and physical intimidation. He used the skills that he has been taught at class to firstly defeat the aggressors intentions and then deal with him appropriately without injuring either party. This was witnessed by a large number of school students.

The bully was allegedly a repeat offender in bullying other children, however, this was the first time he tried to bully our student. The school regarded this whole situation very seriously and after investigation suspended the alleged bully. The stage coordinator of the School called our student out at a school assembly and explained what our student had done and stated that if everyone else acted like this, there would be no bullying in the school. Our student was congratulated for his handling of the situation. The Principal is also aware of the situation and is going to be speaking to our student in appreciation of the handling of the situation.

Sensei Bob Liedke was asked to comment about this incident. There are a few points I would like to make about the incident

  1. The situation was controlled and did not escalate.
  2. The other students witnessed a positive outcome.
  3. Our student is praised by teachers and students for controlling the situation.
  4. Our student was calm and relaxed before, during and after the incident.
  5. No-one got injured. As a teacher this is a very pleasing result.

Well done…